Опубликовано 10 месяцев назад по предмету Английский язык от EVELINA2307

Dear Jim
I hope you started the new school year well. I know your Russian will improve in your new school. I'm sure that you will Iikc the school and your new classmates, because I know them well. I worked there, you know. And it was a pleasure for me to teach Russian boys and girls. They are very similar to English students:: happy bright and a bit lazy!
Here in London your classmates and I miss you very much Without you, there are now 19 girls and boys in my class. I wish I were m Russia now. I toid the class about my stay in that b.g and beautiful country. I showed them some photos and described everyone of my Russian students. I think they would like to invito your new fiienas to London. What do you think of that idea We will send an invitation letter soon. It will be great to see you and all my Russian students again.
What's the news there? Do you like your new subjects? Who is the new Fnglish teacher in your class this year? Do you like your new textbooks I hope your new friends Dima and Katya will help you with your Russian and Literature They were my best students last yeai and speak English very well. I hope to hoar from you in the near future. Give my best wishes to your tcacheis and friends.

Надо написать ответ к письму, но я не поняла Barbara учитель или ученица? И новая школа в России, или нет? Имя учителя англ. или Русc&