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Report the questions.

David said,” Do you discuss your problems with your parents, Jack?’
Vicky said,” When did you visit the hairdresser, Mary?”
Tony said, “Will your friend take part in the concert, Henry?”
Sandy said, “What magazine have you bought, Helen?”

Andy said, "Have you ever heard this song, Nick?"
Bill said,”Do you often go to the cinema, Frank?”
Molly said, “Why are you speaking so quietly, Ann?”
Pete said, “Where will you meet your cousin, John?”

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    Ответ дан perevoznyukv
    David asked Jack if  he discussed his problems with his parents.
    Vicky asked Mary when  she had visited the hairdresser.
    Tony asked Henry if  his  friend would take part in the concert.
    Sandy asked Helen what magazine she had bought.

    Andy asked Nick if he had ever heard that song.
    Bill asked Frank if he often went to the cinema.
    Molly asked Ann why she was speaking so quietly.
    Pete asked John where he would meet his cousin.