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1) Betty asked where Liz was going so early.
2) Tom asked the policeman if it was a serious criminal offence.
3) The woman wondered which of the children had cleared the garden.
4) The teacher wanted to know when the pupils would prepare the classroom for the presentation.
5) Mother wondered what Jane was reading.
6) Greg asked if Bill could drive a car.
7) Steve asked if the teacher had already explained the rule.
8) The shop assistant wondered if he could help the boy to choose a calculator.
9) Alice asked whom Dolly was waiting for in the hall.
10) The doctor wanted to know when Jack had felt bad.
11) The man asked the boys who had thrown the sweets wrapping on the street.
12) Pam wondered what time the show would begin.

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    1) Betty asked: "Where  are you going so early, Liz?"
    2) Tom asked the policeman: "Is it a serious criminal offence?"
    3) The woman said: 'Which of you has cleared the garden, children?"
    4) The teacher asked the pupils: "When  will you prepare the classroom for the presentation?"
    5) Mother asked: "What are you  reading, Jane?"
    6) Greg asked: " Bill, can you drive a car?"
    7) Steve asked  the teacher: "Have you already explained the rule?"'
    8) The shop assistant asked the boy: ''Can I help you to choose a calculator?"
    9) Alice asked: "Whom  are you waiting for in the hall, Dolly?"
    10) The doctor said: ''When did you feel bad, Jack?"
    11) The man asked the boys: "Who has thrown the sweets wrapping on the street?"
    12) Pam said: '' What time will the show begin?"

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      у 3) have
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      Вопрос к подлежащему подразумевает 3 лицо ед. число
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      спасибо, понятно :)