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Задание 15. Расставьте слова в нужном порядке.
1. (when/ was/ built/ this house)
2. (how/ cheese/ is/ made)
3. (when/ invented/ the computer/ was)
4. (why/ Sue/ working/ isn’t/ today)
5. (what time/ coming/ your friends/ are)
6. (why/ was/ cancelled/ the concert)
7. (where/ your mother/ was/ born)
8. (why/ you/ to the party/ didn’t/ come)
9. (how/ the accident/ did/ happen)
10. (why/ this machine/ doesn’t/ work)

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    Ответ дан nazabr
    1. When this house was built?
    2. How is cheese made?
    3. When  the computer was invented?
    4.Why Sue isn't working today?
    5.  What time your friends are coming?
    6. Why the concert was cancelled?
    7. Where your mother was born?
    8. Why you didn't come to the party?
    9. How the accident did happen?
    10. Why this machine doesn't work?