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Как отправить смс консультация друга
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    - Hey (*имя друга, пусть будет Ivan*). Today i am going to teach you how to send sms messages.
    - You know that i dont like modern technologies too much.
    - Yes, i know. But now or later - you need to know how it works. It's very important in case if you will need to contact me or your family.
    And it's not so difficult as it looks like.
    - Okay, i think you are right. Now show me!
    - First of all you need to switch the cellphone on.
    Than you will see a few icons on main screen.
    - Yeah, one of them is looks like a green phone. I had already used it to call you.
    - Yea, you're right. Can you see the next icon? It looks like a little green comics-cloud. That's what you need.
    Tap on it and choose the person that you want to text to. Like me or your relatives.
    Than you just need to type your message (like "Hello!" or "What's up?") and send it with the big button SEND. I think that's all.
    - Wow, it's a lot easier than i thought. Thanks a lot!
    - You're welcome, Ivan.