Опубликовано 1 год назад по предмету Английский язык от Настаська2005

) This time last year we _____________ that big concert. (plan) 2) The museum was quite crowded when I visited it. A teacher _____________ a group of schoolchildren round and they _____________ some of the objects. (take, draw) 3) The police_____________ his story. (not believe) 4) It was eight o’clock in the morning. I was still in bed and my brother _____________ ready for school. (get) 5) I didn’t eat anything for lunch because I_____________ the food in the cafeteria. (not like) 6) We_____________ anything at ten. We were really tired. (not do) 7) It was chaos last night at the airport. Thousands of people _____________ for flights. (wait) 8) We_____________ to go, but we had to. (not want) 9) Rachel called earlier this morning. She_____________ very upset. (sound) 10) I_____________ to my new CD, so I didn’t hear the phone. (listen) 11) Sarah wasn’t here in June. She ____________ round Europe. (travel)