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задание 6.
Complete the following sentences according to the model:
Model: It was cold in the room (the window/be open/for a long time). -- It was cold in the room because the window had been open for a long time.

1. She didn't know the way there (she/never/be there). 2.1 did not know her address (she/move/to a new flat). 3. They were upset (they/fail/at the exams). 4. She was happy (she/play/the leading role/in a new movie), 5. He rang me up (I/ask/him/to do it). 6. The cake was too sweet (she/put/a lot of sugar/into it). 7. She felt tired (she/work hard/the day before). 8. I didn't see Fred (I/leave/earlier). 9. Kate didn't want to go to the cinema (she/see/the film/before). 10. I didn't listen to that play on the radio (I/hear/it). 11. I couldn't get into my flat at once (I/lose/the key).

задание 7.
Finish the following according to the model:
Model: I received a letter from him yesterday, (for a long time) -- I hadn't received letters from him for a long time.

1.1 was in the Bolshoi yesterday, (for many years) 2.1 saw Peter last night, (since we finished school) 3. I watched a thriller on TV yesterday, (since the time I was young) 4. I laughed so much watching the comedy, (for a long time) 5. There was an interesting film on at our local cinema last week, (for many months) 6. We went to a wonderful pop concert last Saturday, (since we were students)

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    Ответ дан Janyska
    1)She did not know the way, besause she had never been there.
    2)I did not know her address, because she had moved to a new flat.
    3)They were upset, because they had failed at the exams.
    4)She was happy, because she had played the leading role in a new movie.
    5)He rang me up, because I had asked him to do it.
    6)The cake was too sweet, because she had put a lot of sugar into(in) it.
    7)She felt tired, because she had worked hard the day before.
    8)I did not see Fred, because I had left earlier.
    9)Kate did not want to go to the cinema, because she had seen the film before.
    10) I did not listen to that play on the radio, because I had heard it.
    11)I could not get into my flat at once, because I had lost the key.
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