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ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!!!! Combine the worlds to make the names of places in London. Then choose five and write sentences.

Trafalgar Palace

White London

Tower Tower

Buckingham Bridge

Wistvinster Ben

The Houses of Square

The Tower of Eye

Big Abbey

The London Parilament

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    Ответ дан ShamanCat
    Trafalgar Square
    White Tower
    Tower Bridge
    Buckingham Palace
    Westminster Abbey
    The Houses of Parliament
    The Tower of London
    Big Ben
    The London Eye

    1. Big Ben is famous clock tower in London.
    2. The London Eye is one of biggest attractions of London.
    3.Buckingham is a house of a Queen.
    4.The Tower of London is popular prison in England.
    5.Westminster Abbey is very beautiful temple in England.