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80 баллов !!! Пожалуйста,напишите сочинение на английском: я никогда не забуду этот день...

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    Я не фантазер но попробую)
    Hello.My name is (напиши свое имя).I'm(свой возраст на английском).I'm a versatile person.I love to sing and dancing.A lot of time i spend doing this.
    Once mom and dad enrolled me in the singing section.For a long time I visited this section, until the day that I shall tell.One day in our school held school activities in which I had to sing a very beautiful song.But at the moment when I started to practice, I lost my voice!I did not know what should I do, because my performance was to begin in 10 minutes.I was afraid to come up and tell the teacher on what happened.In the end, I still took the stage, and I do not know how, but my voice came!And I began to sing more beautifully than in rehearsal.At the end of his speech, everybody stood up from their chairs and started clapping me, as if I had a real singer.
    A few months later, I threw my section because of learning problems.But that day I have not forgotten, and will never forget!
    Как то так получилось,на что фантазии хватило)Советую перевести если хочешь переписать его.