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Помогите решить тест:
1. He didnt geat a good grade the first time he did his ielts exam, so he decide to _______ it.
A: Resit B: remake C: repair
2. People who attend uneversity later in life are often called ______ student,
A: aged B: mature C: old
3. Although she had a job, she went to evening classes at the local College of _____ Education.
A: Upper B: Further C: Higher

4.After he left school, he decided to go on to_____education and applied for a place in Harward University.
a) further b) upper c) higher

5.He received a local government____ to help him pay for his course.
a)fee b) fare c) grant

6. Education helps us to acquire knowledge and learn new ______
A) skills B) powers C) abilities

8. We should make the best of every _____________ to learn.
A. chance B. opportunity C. availability

9. Nowadays, _____________ education is promoted a lot in schools.
A. body B. health C. vitality