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write a short review of any russian film that you like.10 предложений

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    I love watching movies, especially comedies. They raise a great mood. And besides, so good to laugh with friends or family, browsing your favorite band! My favorite movie - "Chasing Two Hares", filmed on the same drama Starytsky. I can watch it at least every day, and I never get bored. This film is very funny, and funny is not only a situation in which the heroes fall, but also their language, appearance, povedinka.Aktory play just fine, watching them, gets incredible pleasure. How many puns in the movie! After Svyryd and Pronia disguise themselves educated and cultured people, they really are not, so their efforts to create a good impression is often incredibly funny. Despite the fact that the film "Chasing Two Hares" is a brilliant comedy, it makes us think of the very serious and important issues.

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    Our world is very diverse and interesing

    Cinema is not exception

    Of course, I like different films

    For example, American or Indian cinema

    Also, I like detectives and historical films

    My favourite Russian film is 'The dawns here are quite'

    Actions occur during The World War 2

    I advice all to see it

    In addition, it is a film leader of soviet film distribution

    Oh, I almost forgot, my second favourite film is 'The diamond arm'

    This is one of the most popular Russians film abroad