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Упр. 36. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в формеPresentPerfectили в PresentPerfectContinuous.

1.   She (to be)is ill since last week.

2.   He (to know) me since childhood.

3.   I (to try) to understand you for half an hour.

4.   He (to be) in Kyiv for three years.

5.   She (to look) for her key since she came home.

6.   They (to be) here since two o'clock.

7.   My sister (to sleep) for ten hours.

8.   We (to be) married since 1977.

9.   How long Mary and Ann (to know) each other?

10.  We (not to see) them for three months.

11.  His car is very old. He (to have) it for many years.

12.  It (to snow) for four hours.


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    Ответ дан galina572319

    1. She has been ill since last week.

    2. He has known me since childhood.

    3. I have been trying to understand you for half an hour.

    4. He has been in Kyiv for three years. 

    5. She has been looking for her key since she came home. 

    6. They have been here since two o'clock.

    7. My sister has been sleeping for ten hours.

    8. We have been married since 1977. 

    9. How long have Mary and Ann known each other?

    10. We haven't seen them for three months.

    11. His car is very old. He has had it for many years. 

    12. It has been snowing for four hours.