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Написать вопросы на данные ответы по теме Уильям Шекспир (На английсом)  

1. On the river Avon. 

2. He died on his birthday, aged 52. 

3. Comedies tragedies and historical plays. 

4. He is also famous for his sonnets. 

5. Anne Hathaway. 

6. In the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. 

7. It was Lord Gower who gave it to the town.

8. In Holy Trinity Church.

9. Three: one son and two daughters. 

10. Because they want to see the place connected with the life of  W. Shakespeare.

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    Ответ дан neznajkin
    1) What river does Shakespeare's native town stand on?
    2) When did Shakespeare die?
    3) What did he write?
    4) What is he also famous for?
    5) What was his wife's name?
    6) Where can people see Shakespeare's plays?
    7)What was the name of the sculpturer who gave the town most famous memorial of Shakepeare?
    8) Where was Shakespeare burried?
    9) How many children did Shakespeare have?
    10) Why is Stradford-upon-Avon stil popular ith people?