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Open the brackets putting the verb into the correct form. Use the Present Perfect and the Present Simple.
1. I (to lost) my key. I cannot find it anywhere.
2. You (to eat) many sweets when you were a child?
3. I (to buy) a new car. You must come and see it.
4. I (to go) to the USA last year.
5. Where you (to be) yesterday evening?
6. Lucy (to leave) school in 1999.
7. I am looking for Mike. You (to see) him?
8. You (to be) to Paris? Yes, many times.
9. I’m very hungry. I (not to eat) much today.
10. When this book (to be) published?

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    Ответ дан TinaStark
    Lose; ate; bought; went; was; left; saw; was; I'm not ate...; was.

    Думаю так. Вместо скобок ставь эти слова.