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Test 11. Present Simple, Present Continuous or Future Simple?

1. He (phone) you tomorrow when he (get) home from work.

2. ‘I (be) very busy now.’ ‘Why? What you (do)?’

3. Tom (not be) lazy. He (work) hard every day.

4. How often you (go) to the theatre?

5. We (go) to England for our holiday next year.

6. Wait for me! I (come) as soon as I (finish).

7. ‘You (work) hard today!’ ‘Yes, I have а lot to do.’

8. ‘What he usually (do) at weekends?’ ‘He usually (play) tennis.’

9. I (read) а very interesting book at the moment.

10. He is enjoying his holiday. He (have) а nice room in the hotel.

11. You (be) hungry? You (want) something to eat?

12. When I (come) home tomorrow, all my family (be) at home.

13. ‘Where is Ann?’ ‘She (have) а bath.’

14. You (see) that man over there? It’s our new teacher.

15. Look! Kate (dance) again. She (dance) every day.

16. How long it usually (take) you to get to school?

17. John (not go) for а walk today until his mother (come) back from work.

18. You (understand) me now?

19. ‘Would you like а cigarette?’ ‘No, thanks. I (not smoke).’

20. Let’s go out! It (not rain) any more.

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    Ответ дан Рома9
    1. will ... when he gets
    2. I am busy ... What are you doing?
    3. is not lazy. works
    4. How often do you go ...?
    5. We will go to
    6. I will come as soon as I finish
    7. Are working
    8. What does he usually do ..? .. plays
    9. I am reading
    10. He has
    11. Are you hungry? Do you want ..?
    12. When I come home .., all my family will be at home
    13. is having
    14. Do you see...?
    15. is dancing. She dances..
    16. How long does it usually take ..?
    17. . will not go .. Until his mothers comes
    18. Do you understand me?
    19. I do not smoke
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      Ответ дан hamidamingazov
      спасибо вам большоее!!)))