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You have receive a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Kathy. that was when i realised there was a page of a newspaper stuck to my shoe. How embarrassing! Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? Where were you? What did you do about it?... Напишите ответ длиной 100-120 слов

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    Ответ дан KeiraKrist
    Hello dear friend,I'm sorry that I not written early, I was so busy in school, because I had a lot of work, I'm in rapture that you wrote me. But you were in not good and not easy situation. I understand you. I was in a situation where I wanted to sink into the ground. One time my friends invited to play in football, was dirty, and my mother say me that I must to wear rubber boots. All laughed, I think that I die from shame. It was shame for me. Then I had played in football, when all laughed. This game started. Other guys  were in rag shoes, and every was in dirt. I laughed. And they understood that my boots were better then their shoes.  He laughs best who laughs last. And I think, that they remember it. I want to give you a advice: be confident always!  (153 слова)