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Упр. 224. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла­голы в одном из следующих времен: ^ Present, Past, Future Simple; Present, Past Continuous; Present, Past Perfect.

1. Yesterday Nick (to say) that he (to read) much during his summer vacation. 2. At the age of twenty my father (to combine) work and study. 3. A great number of students (to study) in the reading-room when I (to enter) it last night. 4. The storm (to rage) the whole night, and the sailors (to try) to do their best to save the ship. 5. Mike's friends could hardly recognize him as he (to change) greatly af­ter his expedition to the Antarctic. 6. When I (to enter) the hall, the students (to listen) to a very interesting lecture in history. 7. Hello! Where you (to go)? — Nowhere in particular. I just (to take) a walk. 8. Our students (to do) all kinds of exercises and now they (to be) sure that they (to know) this rule well. They (to hope) they (to make) no mis­takes in the test-paper. 9. The expedition (to cov­er) hundreds of kilometres, but they still (to be) far from their destination. 10. You (to go) to Great Britain next year?
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    1. Nick said, he had read
    2. My father combined
    3. A great number of students were studying, I entered
    4. The storm was raging, the sailors were trying
    5. He had changed
    6. I entered, the students were listening
    Where are you going, I am just taking
    Our students have done, they are, they know, they hope, they will make
    The expedition has covered, they are still
    Will you go