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Draw   a pet and write about it.

It `s a ............

It can.......and.......

It can........

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    Ответ дан galina572319
    Нарисуй домашнее животное и напиши о нём:
    It is a dog. - Это собака.
    It can jump and run fast. - Она может прыгать и быстро бегать.
    It can swim. -  Она может плавать.
    It is white and grey. - Она бело-серая.
    It is а funny pet. - Она - забавный питомец.
    I love it. - Я люблю её.
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    Ответ дан ПростоЛёка

    I have got a puppy. Its name is Masia. It is very beautiful and tender. Masia is still a puppy, so it is funny and helpless. It has very unusual color. Its fur combines black, brown, and almost white. It is very beautiful. 

    I love my puppy very much.