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Напишите пожалуйста по английскому языку сочинение на тему "как можно спасти животных от вымирания"! Заранее спасибо. )))

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    Ответ дан artemovvlad
    This is a natural process of extinct species is greater than the living. Slow down this process can be not silly flash mobs like conducted recently in Vladivostok, and the preservation of natural habitats. For example, the conservation of protected taiga you can save the Siberian tiger. Changing and разрисовыванием persons not save...
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    Ответ дан katedzhus
    At present, a lot of species dying out and it is very bad. We povynnik prevent this loss to reduce. Firstly do not need to kill animals so do not be prohibited by law. You can not mock animals because they also feel pain. Garbage pick up after themselves. as not to destroy the homes of animals so they then have no place to live, if we were in their place, we would also not survive. need to take care of live animals. This is a small part of what we can do. maybe more but also a large part dependent on the government. they control the process of looking after animals. do not forget about it.