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СРОЧНО! Нужно письмо на англ. языке про популярные новогодние блюда в России!
My name is.... .
I want to say that in Russia there are no special New Year dishes.
Families prepare different dishes for New Year ...

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    Dier friend,
    My name is...(твоё имя). I want to talk about the popular new year's dishes in Russia. 
    Families prepare different dishes for New Year . For example, Olivier. This dish of potato and sausage and eggs and cucumber. It can be served as an 
    snacking  As popular baked chicken. It is eaten with potatoes. As for me I love Russian cuisine. Sometimes I help my mother in the kitchen in the new year. In conclusion, I can say that all should try Russian food, and especially in the new year.
    воё имя).