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Задайте все возможные вопросы к данным предложениям:

There are some English newspapers on the table.

2) I don’t get to work by bus every day.


3) Kate has got two cats at home.

4) It rains almost every day in autumn.

5) There is a lot of snow in Moscow this winter.

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    Ответ дан Дашка001
    1) where from those newspapers on the table? Where are this English newspapers? 2)Where I don't get by buss? Why you don't get by buss every day? 3)How many cats do Kate has at home? Where does Kate's cats are
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      4)When does it often rains? How often it rains in autumn? 5)how mach snow is there in Moscow? What time in year in Moscow is a lot of snow?where is a lot of snow in winter?
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      Ответ дан Дашка001
      Вот в принципе всё.)