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Пару предложений на английском о проблеме в личной жизни,или в школе.

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    Hassles associated with the school are diverse and do not always have a unique solution . The most alarming in terms of child safety are issues that are connected with other students and with teachers. And there are times when your child is out of ignorance or intentionally self provokes conflict situations , especially acute in adolescence. And no matter how parents want to close our eyes to the fact that their son or daughter may also be to blame, but it is worth coolly and objectively assess the situation . So the question - problems at school , what to do? Should always try to respond promptly and openly.Honest dialogue within the family will never be over , and if the conflict involves a third party , the first way to resolve them - an open conversation . Usually costs involved in solving the problems of the class teacher so that he could give their recommendations and their vision problems , and even more so if he himself is party to the conflict. Well, in the case of major misunderstandings have to do more radical actions.