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Диалог по телефону с другом на английском

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    - Hello Frank! Why are you upset?
    - Hello Billy! I have had a bad mood since morning today.
    - What happened?
    - Nothing serious on the one hand, on the other hand, I do not know what to do.
    - Say to me, please!
    - I have lost photo camera at the picnic yesterday. Mother and father will be upset. The photo camera is expensive. I went to the shop to see how much it costs but it is not there.
    - Where did you bring this photo from?
    - I do not know. My father goes to business trips. He brought it.
    - Have you already said to parents?
    - No, I do not know, how to say.
    - I think it will be better if you say to them. They have bought it, that is why they must know.
    - Yea. You are right!
    - I know.
    - You are the best friend I have ever had.
    - Try not to lose your things!