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Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative.
1. It is … than it was this time last year. (hot)
2. The … way to travel is by train. (safe)
3. The bar is three meters long but we need a … bar. (long)
4. The tower is a hundred meters in height. It is the … of all here. (high)
5. Moscow State University is the … University in Europe. (large)
6. Is it … to study at the university than at school? (interesting)
7. My friend works … at his English than me. (hard)
8. Days in summer are … than in winter. (long)

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    Ответ дан qwertyhappy54
    1) hotter
    2) safest
    4) highest
    5) largest 
    6) more interesting
    7) harder
    8)  longer
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      Ответ дан MurderEliz
      У Qwertyhappy54 ошибки в 2, 4, 6. В ответе пользователя Iri1 эти ошибки исправлены.