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можете помочь с номером 203 срочно

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    Ответ дан Katelin817
    1 studies
    2 studied
    3 Did your brother go to school last Friday? - Yes, he did.
    4 go
    5 went
    6 washes
    7 washed
    8 don`t have
    9 didn`t rest
    10 didn`t drink 
    11 My mother  always takes a bus to go to work, but yesterday she didn`t take a bus.
    12 Do you talk to the members of your family every day? - Yes, I do. But yesterday I ddn`t talk to them. I was very busy yesterday
    13 Did you come home at six o`clock yesterday. - No, I didn`t. Yesterday I came home from school at half past eight. I was very tired. I had dinner  with my famly. Afer dinner I was very thirsty. I drank two cups of tea Then I rested.
    14 Mary like writing stories. 
    15 Last week she wrote a funny story about her pet.
    16 Did you tell your mother the truth about the money? 
    17 Do you wear polka-dot dress to work? - Yes, I do. I wore it yesterday.
    18 Welike to go to the beach. We enjoyed swimming in the ocean last weekend.